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What is the different between an attorney who has been successful with their online marketing and ones that are not?  The answer is simple.  Those who put in the time, effort, and money to do it right will reap the rewards every time.  With Google launching new algorithmic updates on a weekly basis it’s essential more than ever to do it the right way.

Our Proven Effective Services Include:

What is the right way?

The right way basically entails to providing the best user experience.  If a user is looking for a Bankruptcy attorney in Seattle the user probably wants to find a bankruptcy attorney in Seattle, Washington along with information about his practice, service, offerings, etc.  However if the user clicked on the first result and got taken to a page on Chocolate Cakes, they will probably not be satisfied. That is why we use Ethical, white hat SEO techniques to get you ranked for converting keywords as optimize the user experience so they want to contact you. This means that doing things the right way entails all sorts of stuff including:

  • Making sure your image shows up on the search engine results pages. This will increase click through rates.
  • Having interesting on page content that is relevant to the users search terms
  • Have great snacks to engage the visitor and keep them on the page including things like video, live chat, etc.
  • Having clear calls to action so the user can easily contact you if they wish to do so
  • Daily blog posts to keep the search engine spiders coming back to your page regularly
  • A great design to engage the user from start to finish

Those are just a few of the clear but common points that need to be addresses with any legal internet marketing plan.  Now imagine that you could find a company to handle all of this plus much more from start to finish?  Well good thing you found us because that’s exactly what we love to do and have helped many of clients be super successful with our methods.