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Attorney Search Engine Optimization

As an attorney, you know that there are plenty of potential customers who are in need of your services. These people are turning to search engines more than ever before to find an attorney to represent their case. This is where we come in. We offer both local and organic attorney search engine optimization services with the goal of increasing your find ability on the web, driving potential clients to your site, and then ensuring that they contact you. We do all of that with your firm’s long term interests as the guide to our efforts.

Organic SEO Services

Organic SEO refers to the process of optimizing a website with the intent to gain higher ranked organic listing in the top search engines (a.k.a Google). Organic listings are all the results that are returned by the search engine when a keyword phrase is searched, which are not either 1) paid ads (PPC) or 2) local search results (Google+ Local). But why use words to explain it when you can use a picture!

Local SEO Services

Local SEO refers to optimizing Google+ Local pages in order to be displayed prominently in results pages for locally relevant search phrases. When an effective local optimization campaign is paired with an effective organic SEO campaign, the results are truly dynamic. Just imagine if when a search engine user search the phrase “Personal Injury Lawyer” your website was listed two times (1 organic, and 1 local) on the first results page?

These services, when executed effectively and in-tandem, can drive high volumes of quality, case generating traffic to your site. How do we know? Because we have done it time and time again. Contact us today to start generating more leads and signing more cases with organic and local SEO services from Ethical SEO Consulting.